Bird watching


Watching birds? Visit our bird yard. 

At the end of 2014 we got the opportunity to buy 6000 m2 land from the neighbours. In total the area of Montinho da Luz is 1,5 hectares.

We divide it roughly in two parts: One piece we turned into a bird yard. We gathered the rocks and created a waterbowl for the birds surrounded by succulents, where we secretly place some seeds for the birds. We planted grasses and several plants with berries, flowers and fruits to attract and lure birds. The wooden bird watching hut has a fantastic view on this, so birdwatchers, with or without camera's enjoy seeing all the different species. 

The other part of the land stays as it has been for decades, we just prune a bit and take out the dead plants and the wood. You can find wild orchids, and all kinds of herbs easily. Behind the petanque, you will find the 3 steps of stone and a path, this leads to the entrance of the bird yard. Just pass the lounge area! 

It is a fact that the Algarve is home to hundreds of different species of birds. At Montinho da Luz guests have spotted over 45 species. In the surroundings of Montinho da Luz we have the Natural Park of Ria Formosa, here you can find also a lot of birds.

With help of our guest we have the made the following list:...

Seen in the gardens of Montinho da Luz

Blue Magpie Putter House Martin Blackbird
Little Flycatcher Hop Oriole Woodpigeon
Yellow Wagtail Ringmus Roodborst Groenling
Iberian Green Woodpecker Green Woodpecker Little Owl Kestrel
Common Swift Bee-eater House Sparrow Lesser Black-headed
Meadow Pipit European Canary Red-rumped Honey Duck  
Night Swallows Cattle Ears Black Tit Thrush
Crested lark Wrye Neck    
Seen in the Eastern Algarve - summer - Ria Formosa and surroundings  
Iberian Shrike Magpie Finch Flamingo  
Little Egret Dwarf Tern Yellow Wagtail Redshank
Wilsons Stormcatcher Black-headed Gull Black Starling  
Sint-Helenafazantje Kuhls Shearwater Storm birdie Turnstone
Pale Starfish Small Lesser Gull Wild Duck Hawk Eagle
Western Orpeus Warbler Western Blonde Wheat Quail Griffon Vulture
Little Kestrel Rock Dove Dwarfling Black Kite  
Common Swift Yellow-legged Gull Grass Singer table Pochard
Stork Wulp Gadwall krak Pochard
Spanish Imperial Eagle Purple Cormorant Black Ibis  
Gannet Great hunter Audouins Gull Blue heron

What bird have you seen?

In the watching hut you will find some books with photos and pictures which can be of help.