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October 2019, we start with a borehole!

Finally we starting with digging, next is drilling to water, we think at least 110 meter deep... we can water the plats and fill the swimming pool.

Garden in front of Casa O Primeiro, Casa Baixa and near the carport.

Although the garden was beautiful, we decided to change it completely. We removed the old plants and replanted with succulents in a creative way. The tall green 'Rapido' hedge has been cleared and in its place there is an authentic Portuguese stone wall and the succulent garden. We collected plants for months and the result is stunning. (work started in nov. 2018)

Extra wooden walls and a brand new door, Casa Madeira 

Sun, wind, dryness and moisture, all of this makes the wooden walls of Casa Madeira come to life, which has its charms, but enough is enough. We have installed new wooden walls, so instead of the one-sided walls it is now double-sided thus better insulated! The new patio doors to the terrace are made from aluminium, the entry has been made higher so everyone can walk in easily (oct-nov 2018)

Toilet for guests and changing room.

On busy days with new guests, and for guests who are unfortunately leaving, we still have to clean the houses. To create an extra service for those guests who arrive early, or whose plane is leaving at the end of the day we have built a toilet and changing room. 0ur guests can then relax on a sun bed at the terrace near the pool, and freshen up before leaving, isn't that nice? (sept 2018)

Walk-in shower Casa Alta has a new floor! Casa Alta floor

We figured out that the walk-in shower could be improved. We changed the threshold and placed a new floor. (sept 2018)

Casa Alta and Casa Baixa have new furniture!

Besides new mattresses, both houses have a newly decorated living rooms, we changed chairs, tables, curtains and carpets. Casa Baixa has a new dining table as well. (Jan 2018)

The Pizza oven has arrived!

What can be more fun than eating fresh, home made Pizza's baked in a wood stove? Ask for possibilities... (mei 2018)

Casa da Jardim has a Veranda, and new armchairs!

2nd half of March we started building a wooden veranda at Casa da Jardim. Without this new cover, it was very hot with the sun is shining all day. Sometimes people prefer to have the opportunity to avoid direct sun. Here is our solution. The white leather chairs were replaced by new armchairs as well. (april 2018)

The terrace of the swimming pool is bigger!

The terrace has widened, we used wood to improve the surface. of course we also put more sun beds and more parasols on the terrace. ... (mei 2017)

Casa Madeira has a new bathroom, and a veranda! 

Since February 2017 Casa Madeira has a new, bigger bathroom.

At the rear of Casa Madeira we have built a bathroom and joined it to the existing bathroom, which was of course, completely refurbished. The walk-in shower is situated in the new part, and the toilet is in the old part. New Portuguese tiles on the walls and floor and 2 washbasins complete this renovation.

Besides that, at the back of the house, surrounded by nature, completely private, we have created a outside shower. Take a shower in nature with some birds as spectators, how nice...

To complete the renovation, the wooden floor is new and we replaced the beds and mattresses. The Veranda has a plexiglass roof which provides light. With this Veranda another living space is created. 

We are proud with all these improvements and are continuously busy making your holiday the best....

check the availability, book and enjoy!